Woman Narrowly Escapes Flash Flooding

www.nbcconnecticut.com/weather/It was a steamy summer afternoon, until out of nowhere Monday, driving rain that made driving difficult.

The downpour quickly left water covering roads across Connecticut.

In Hartford, Love Lane could have been renamed "Love Lake."

Reva Robinson was leaving Hartford on her way to her Windsor home when the storm hit.

"I decided to cut through Love Lane like I usually do, and I ended up going through a puddle, I thought," Robinson said.

But it was no puddle. Robinson's car stalled in the rising water.

"I started freaking out," said Robinson. "I started getting scared."

As water rushed into her car, a Hartford police officer arrived to help.

Robinson says there was so much water pushing against her car, she couldn't even open the front door. The police officer was able to get a back door open, so she climbed over the seats and got out.

"He helped me out the car and we both walked hand in hand together," said Robinson. "It was real nice."

Those who know this area near Keney Park say they've seen flooding before.

"This has been going on for years," said Rodney Robinson, who is the cousin of Reva's husband. "Since back in high school days, this has been going on."

But as he looked at the car submerged in several feet of water, Rodney Robinson says he couldn't believe what Reva had gotten into.

"I didn't expect it this high up," said Rodney. "When I came, I was shocked to see how far she got in."

The car will have to be towed, but thankfully, Robinson wasn't hurt, just a little shaken up.

"It was very scary," Robinson said. "I thought I was going to drown."

Monday's rescue serves as a reminder to others.

While it may have looked like a puddle, when you encounter water on a roadway, authorities say you should never drive through it, because you have no idea how deep the water really is.

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