Your Ugly Sweater Could Earn You Cash

It's not you, it's the sweater. Really.


It's time to dig deep.

Dive into the back of your closet.

Dust off the forgotten box of old clothes you stashed away... and rock that ugly sweater!

Yup, we all have one.  Like my dad's infamous 'skunk sweater'.  It's black and a little fuzzy with two white lines highlighting the sides.  The circa-1970 sweater has been relegated to the spare room in my parents home ever since we all complained about him wearing it a little too much growing up.  But on special occasions (when the family could all use a good laugh) he will bust it out to everyone's delight.

So... it looks like Dad might be on to something.  We've told you about the trend of Ugly Sweater Holiday parties but that whimsical top could earn you some serious cash.

Mohegan Sun is celebrating the ugly holiday sweater with the It's Not You, It's the Sweater Contest.  According to the Facebook contest post, the casino "wants to reward you for all the years you've pulled on that ugly sweater and rocked it at the office party, neighborhood caroling, or your town's tree lighting ceremony." 

From now until December 28 at 10 a.m. you can send your photos to the Uncasville establishment.  Just include your full name, email address and phone number and you could win a $250.00 gift certificate to The Shops at Mohegan Sun -- so you can replace that sweater, we presume.

The pics will be posted on Mohegan's Facebook page with fans given the ability to vote on their favorites.  The photo with the most "likes" will win on January 4.

So find that sweater with the Reindeer face, or the one with the holiday packages strategically placed across your chest.  Heck, maybe even the pom-pom-embroidered "I believe" top could take home top prize.

Meanwhile, Dad, can I borrow the skunk sweater?

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