Zipcar Booms, New Haven Drivers Car-Free

Car sharing is taking off in New Haven

New Haven is a gas pedal above the rest when it comes to rental cars. Instead of making monthly car payments, more than 1,400 residents are cutting back but avoiding being stranded with Zipcars.

Zipcar is a way to get around when you need a car, without having the burden of owning the car and spending cash on insurance and maintenance. It’s also better for the environment because people are sharing cars rather than having their own.

Yale-affiliated zipcar members pay an annual membership of just $35 (and get the first year's payment back with free rentals), the New Haven Independent reports.

Hourly rates vary based on the type of car but are around $8 an hour during the week and $9 on weekends. That includes gas, insurance and maintenance.  But you don’t have to go to or through Yale to rent a Zipcar. 

Three other Connecticut institutions of higher learning allow Zipcar rentals as well for an annual fee of $50 to $60:  Trinity College and Connecticut College

New Haven’s transportation czar, Mike Piscitelli told the Independent that he wants to spread out the cars and help people live car-free in Connecticut. 

To find your closest location, you'll soon be able to consult the iPhone Zipcar application.

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