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Yellow Boot Brings in Supplies for Troops



    Yellow Boot Brings in Supplies for Troops
    Yellow boot colleciton brings in supplies for troops.

    The yellow boot was the collection can for cars driving up to the Cadillac Ranch in Southington.  From nine to noon, people collected $10 from each car to go towards sending cigar box care packages to soldiers overseas.  Packed with socks, hand sanitizing wipes, matches, hot sauce and of course cigars, they're expected to be a big hit.

    "Any of them would love it.  The hot sauce.  Their food isn't all that tasteful, so anything salt, pepper, hot sauce, flavored hot sauce is great.  They're going to love it. Cigars, socks are always important," said Marita Policki, a Southington mother who has two sons serving in the Marines.

    Handwritten notes from local second graders will also be included in the packages.  It's a special touch that tells those fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the people back home are thinking of them.

    "One of the things I really looked forward to was at the end of the day mail would come in, or maybe once a week the mail would come in, and nothing was better than to get a letter from your child, your friends, or a box with goodies in it, things like that," said Sgt. Jeff Eisenhauer of the Army National Guard.

    Each person who donated had a special reason why they did.

    "I know a quite a few people who have family members in the service including my own son who has a stepbrother who's been over there, and I know how much it means to them," said Suzanne Martin of Southington.

    "It makes me feel great.  I appreciate what these guys do for this country," said Paul Raczynski of Fire N Smoke, the cigar shop that helped organize the event.

    The care packages are a special way to say thanks for everything these soldiers do.

    "I think everybody should be donating to the troops because they donate a lot to us," said Gene D'Angelo of Southington.

    Over the next week, the care packages will be made up and packed up, then shipped down to Give 2 The Troops in North Carolina.  Fed Ex has agreed to cover the shipping to make sure these packages get to troops overseas.

    If you'd like to donate, but didn't get a chance to stop by the event, Fire N Smoke is still accepting donations.  You can mail a donation or drop it off at 96 Center Street in Southington.