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Convicted Killer Still Not Extradited From Mexico



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    West Hartford Police
    Convicted murderer Adam Zachs was captured in Mexico Tuesday, after more than 20 years on the lam.

    Adam Zachs disappeared 22 years ago while he was appealing a murder conviction and his whereabouts were a mystery until authorities found him hiding out in Mexico less than three weeks ago.

    But he is not likely to face a Connecticut judge quickly. Prosecutors are not sure when Zachs will be brought back to the United States because of the extradition process with Mexico.

    There, he'd started a new life with a wife and two children. He was living under an alias and working as a computer repairman.

    Zachs, 47, was convicted for the 1987 murder of Peter Carone outside Prospect Café in West Hartford.

    At first, the two men were sitting at the bar, watching a basketball game and having beer, but Zachs became offended over a joke Carone told, according to America’s Most Wanted.

    The punch line to Carone’s joke was spit shining the bar and the bartender told AMW that Zachs got upset, "This guy just spit on the bar. I'm totally disgusted," he said.

    Zachs left the bar, came back and confronted Carone outside the bar, AMR reports. As Carone returned to the bar, he was bleeding and collapsed. He died hours later.

    Zachs was arrested, convicted on Aug. 28, 1988 and sentenced to 60 years. But then, his aunt posted a $250,000 appeal bond, AMR reports.

    In June 1989, Zachs failed to appear for a scheduled court proceeding. The search for him began.

    Through the years, there were rumors he’d been spotted in locations as varied as Canada, Mexico and Argentina. On Tuesday, he was arrested in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico. He is being held in Mexico City pending extradition.

    “Through the diligence and perseverance of the U.S. Marshals Service, West Hartford Police, FBI and Mexican authorities, a convicted murderer is finally in custody and, after nearly 22 years, justice will be served,” U.S. Attorney Fein said. “Hopefully, Mr. Zachs’ apprehension will provide some measure of closure for the victim’s family and loved ones.”

    When Zachs is brought to the United States, he will be taken to prison in Connecticut.