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Coyote Attacks Father and Daughter



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    New York police find coyote wanted for a series of close calls.

    Officials in Rye, New York believe they killed the coyote that attacked three people over the weekend but a Greenwich man, who saved his young daughter from the agressive animal, is still not sure how he feels about the turn of events.

    "I don't know if I am relieved," Jared Zuckerman told the Greenwich Time when asked how he felt that the animal was killed.  

    He went on to describe what happend on Sunday night.  "We were sitting outside at the bottom of the driveway of my father's house, kind of just playing and hanging out, when I caught something in the corner of my eye," Zuckerman said.  "By the time I turned around to look at (my daughter), it was lunging with its teeth (showing)."

    Zuckerman said thats when he grabbed his daughter and turned as the coyote growled and bit the back of his leg.  "It definitely shook me up" he said.  

    According to Rye Brook police, Zuckerman and his daughter were two of three people attacked by the coyote Sunday night.  A 14-year-old boy was also lunged at while playing.

    Police and a trapper tried to catch the coyote Monday morning, but the animal showed agressive behavior and charged the officer, leading him to shoot.

    Animal Control officers say it's extremely rare for coyotes to act agressively toward humans.  Police say the best way to avoid contact with coyotes is to keep food and small pets out of yards in the evening.