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Investor Caught in Madoff Scheme Kills Himself

Another victim in Madoff Ponzi scheme



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    Bernard Madoff has more blood on his hands.

    A former British solider shot himself in the head after losing $1 million in the $50 billion fraud of  Bernard Madoff.

    William Foxton, 65, had just returned from Afghanistan working as a defense contractor when he revealed to his family he had lost his life savings on the scheme, said the victim's son, Willard Foxton. Foxton had just retired and was getting ready to settle down at home with his family.

    Foxton had invested his money into two Austrian -based hedge funds according to the BBC's web site. He found out both funds had been closed and their funds invested with Madoff.

    "I want Madoff and others involved to know they have my father's blood on their hands," said Foxton to The Daily Telegraph. "I'm very angry. My first thought was to show up at Madoff's trail in New York and throw my father's medals in his face."