‘Bobcat Bubble:' Quinnipiac Expands Effort To Prevent Coronavirus Cases

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Quinnipiac University is upping the fight to prevent coronavirus cases on campus.

While so far this semester there have been no reported cases, there is a change for students eating in dining halls and a new plea to parents hoping for a reunion with their child.

To help prevent potential spread the school announced Wednesday that some chairs will be removed in the dining halls.

Some students had been sitting too close together, according to Student Government Association president Sophia Marshall.

“We have to recognize too that when they’re eating in the dining hall they need to take their masks off, again they’re at a greater risk. So it’s really important that students in that space are really following those six feet rules,” said Marshall.

Of more than 7,000 tests for the coronavirus no one on campus has tested positive.

“We certainly hope those numbers remain at zero. We realize they’re not going to throughout the entire fall semester but we hope they are consistently low,” said Dr. David Hill, Quinnipiac University COVID-19 senior medical adviser.

The school has dubbed its COVID-19 fighting effort the Bobcat Bubble.

That included testing before school started and measures including changes to campus and restricting visitors.

“This is not a difficult disease to prevent. We know how to prevent it. It’s just getting people to agree to do that to be responsible,” said Hill.

Recently the school urged parents to help by giving up weekend trips home by students.

That could help prevent them from picking up the virus elsewhere and bringing it back to campus.

Right now the goal is to make it to Thanksgiving. That’s when students will return home and all learning will be done virtually.

After that there is a lot of uncertainty, but Quinnipiac has already started planning for the next semester.

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