Reach Out and Touch Someone – Literally

AT&T to open an AT&T Experience Store

AT&T wants you to get the full experience. They're talking complete and total submersion into the digital age, so they're opening a new store aimed at putting you in a sort of multimedia heaven.

The name is fitting - it's the "AT&T Experience Store", and will open Friday on the Berlin Turnpike in Newington. It's the fourth of its kind in CT and one of about 24 in the country.

The store has "Experience Stations," which let customers see, touch and play with the company's wide array of everything wireless and high-tech. For those as technically savvy as a card catalog, there will be experts to guide you through product trials -- and presumably to help you buy their products.

AT&T execs believe letting people use the technology before they decide to buy it will help them figure out what works for them and what doesn't - before they drop the cash.

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