Entrepreneur Wants to Be Top (Hot) Dog

Father and son team up with Bristol hot dog stand

Necessity is the mother of invention and that is why Dave Golebiowski is turning his aspirations toward hot dogs.  

After working as a graphic artist in the advertising industry for 30 years, he was laid off last summer. At 54, his job prospects were limited, so he decided to start his own business, the Bristol Press reports

After extensive research, he opened set up Johnnie’s Dog House in Plainville in March.

He has had a steady flow of customers but he's yet to turn profit, he told the Press, but he's hoping business will pick up this summer so that they can make it through the year.

His son, Adam, 22, left college and joined his father in the business. It took months to figure out what to sell and where to sell it, but the father and son never stopped working.

“We just kind of got wrapped up in the whole thing. We liked the concept,” Adam told the newspaper. “It seemed like a pretty decent money maker, and it’s hot dogs, you know, it’s not rocket science.”

“It’s still quite nerve-racking because we’re not at the point where we know we can succeed,” Dave told the newspaper. “For 30 years, you’re used to a pay check every week.” 

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