Pedaling the Way to Fair Fares

PediCab is launching Milford

There’s a new way to get around town in Milford that easy, fun and green -- Milford PediCab. 
Joe Meade and he partner started up the service in March after seeing how popular pedicabs were in New York City.
So far, this peddling entrepreneur says he’s had a smooth ride with introducing his brand of taxi to drivers and walkers.

The fleet consists of four bikes and the owners are hoping to be in full swing and fully staffed by next month.
“School is out. The boaters are here and the weather is good. You’ve got a lot of events,” Meade said.
Some of the great feature of the cab, aside from a great view, is that you get to determine how much the fair is.
‘We let the passenger decide what’s fair, so you really can’t get complaints for being overcharged,” Meade said.
For now, you have to wait until you see one of these cabs to hitch a ride but they are developing a unique call system.
“We’re going to set up a bells and whistles system. We’re putting bells in some areas where our drivers can hear them,” Meade said.

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