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Hole In the Wall Theater Prepares for First Live Audience Since COVID-19

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Connecticut's easing coronavirus restrictions have allowed live event venues and performing theaters to open their doors and welcome people back inside.

The art industry, including theatre, has taken a hit due to the pandemic. It forced places like Hole In The Wall Theater in New Britain to shut down and changed their run of shows.

"We've done a number of virtual productions but simply the works that we create, there is nothing that's going to be better than a live audience," said Terrance Peters, one of the board directors and show directors at the theater.

And that's exactly why the community theater is looking forward to welcoming back in patrons who want to catch a show and enjoy the arts.

"The feeling of getting [a] show up and running is something that I haven't been able to do since the pandemic began," said Luis Marrero, the vice president of Hole In The Wall Theater.

Despite remaining restrictions lifting in the state, the theatre plans to keep a few safety protocols in place, including limited seating and mask requirements for those who are not vaccinated.

"We want you to be here but we want you to be safe, no show is worth getting sick for," said Peters.

In the meantime, the theater is trying to recruit some local talent for one of their upcoming shows.

Elnora Amenta got into acting at the age of 10 and for the last year, she was unsure she'd get to take part in acting again.

"As an actor, to live in a world that has no theater going on or anything, it's like horrifying because you don't know what your future holds," said Amenta.

On Friday night, a handful of seasoned actors and newcomers showed up for the chance to play a part in the play 'Completeness'.

Theater leaders and performers tell NBC Connecticut they're happy to do what they love in front of a live audience again.

"So much of the scripts that we do here at Hole in the Wall rely on the energy that comes from that audience and cast interaction," said Peters.

The Hole in The Wall Theater's first play with a live audience will take place July 16. For more information, click here.

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