Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

16 Patients, 29 Staff Members Test Positive for Coronavirus at Conn. DMHAS Facilities

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More than a dozen patients and over two dozen staff members at multiple Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services facilities have tested positive for coronavirus.

State officials said ten patients and nine staff members at Connecticut Valley Hospital and six patients and 12 staff members at Whiting Forensic Hospital have tested positive for the virus.

A staff member at Capitol Regional Mental Health Center, three staff members at Connecticut Mental Health Center, two staff members at Southwest Connecticut Mental Health System and two staff members at Western Connecticut Mental Health Network have also tested positive, according to the state.

In an effort to help stop the spread of coronavirus, DMHAS says they are taking steps to try and protect patients and staff.

The department said it is identifying spaces in all state-operated facilities to be used for the isolation of patients with COVID-19 and distributing personal protective equipment, including n95 masks, surgical masks, gowns, gloves and hand sanitizer to all state-operated facilities.

The department said it is developing quarantine and isolation protocols for patients and staff. restricting visitors from DMHAS facilities, conducting health screenings of all individuals who enter DMHAS facilities, including staff and clients and approving more than 1,100 employees for telework,

Any staff who is symptomatic or may have been in close contact with someone suspected of or who has COVID-19 is asked to self-quarantine to prevent spreading the virus.

There are nearly 14,000 cases of coronavirus in Connecticut and the death toll has now reached over 670.

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