2 More People at Electric Boat Test Positive for Coronavirus Bringing Total to 10

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Two additional people at Electric Boat have tested positive for coronavirus, bringing the total number of employees with coronavirus to ten.

EB President Kevin Graney said the two additional people who tested work in Groton.

The first person who tested positive works in Building 4 and has not been on company property since March 13. Since the person has been out of the shipyard for more than three weeks, Graney said the risk for infection to others is considered minimal.

The second person who tested positive works in Building 7 and has not been on company property since April 2. He or she works in his or her own office and has had minimal contact with others, Graney added.

The two new cases of COVID-19 come just days after Graney tested positive for coronavirus.

Graney said the company has been modifying the way they work since the pandemic began. He said they have implemented social distancing, enabled work from home for thousands of employees and created alternate work schedules to help spread people out.

He said he is now making preparations to dramatically reduce the number of people in the Groton shipyard. The plan will be put into place over Easter weekend.

Graney had previously posted a message online that said not enough people who are at the facility are practicing social distancing and urged people to stay physically separated.

More than 5,600 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Connecticut and at least 189 people have died.

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