A Breakdown of State Employee Compliance With COVID-19 Vaccine, Testing Requirements

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State officials have released more information about the percentage of employees in different divisions who are not compliant with COVID-19 vaccine and testing requirements.

According to Governor Ned Lamont, a total of 95% of employees are either fully vaccinated or undergoing weekly testing.

A total of 22 state employees have been fired, 29 employees are on unpaid leave and 70 employees are in the process of being placed on unpaid leave because of their ongoing non-compliant status, according to state officials.

See the full breakdown by department below.

Note: It was previously reported that 28 state employees were fired because they were not compliant with vaccine and testing requirements. State officials said they incorrectly included six people who were fired for reasons other than non-compliance.

Statewide, a total of 80.8% of people are vaccinated. That is an increase from last week when Connecticut just reached the 80% mark. The week prior, the overall vaccination rate was 78.5%, officials said.

There are currently four departments that do not have a testing option and must be vaccinated unless they have a religious or medical exemption. These include the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Children and Families, Department of Developmental Services and the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Of 3,661 employees, 164 are not compliant, according to state officials.

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