Archdiocese of Hartford to Release Reopening Guidelines Next Week

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The Archdiocese of Hartford said it is planning to release reopening guidelines next week after masses were suspended amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Officials said since pandemic cases are lessening, they plan to resume public masses on weekdays at first and then will expand to Sundays while following public health guidelines.

Guidance for parishes is being finalized and is expected to be made public next week, according to the Archdiocese of Hartford.

This comes just one day after President Donald Trump called for houses of worship to "open right now," speaking at a brief news conference where he called them "essential."

He said if state governors don't open houses of worship this weekend, "I will override them." It was not immediately clear what authority he had to mandate this and he did not cite any.

Yesterday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also released guidelines to "help communities of faith discern how best to practice their beliefs while keeping their staff and congregations safe."

Guidelines include houses of worship encouraging staff and congregants to wear face coverings, particularly when social distancing proves difficult; to promote healthy hygiene practices; and to intensify cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation.

The CDC also urges communities of faith to minimize the sharing of worship materials and other items.

Click here to view the CDC's full Interim Guidance for Communities of Faith. 

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