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Bradley Airport Adding Coronavirus Safety Measures For Passengers

plexiglass at a ticket counter at Bradley Airport
Connecticut Airport Authority

Bradley International Airport is implementing changes as people slowly return to traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new initiative, called "BDL Cares," is an effort to make the airport safe for passengers who are flying in and out of Bradley.

The program is part of an added initiative to measures the airport put into place at the beginning of the pandemic.

"Now that we are starting to anticipate the gradual return of passengers, we are taking it a step further with the implementation of this comprehensive program to include additional cleaning, physical distancing procedures, and other measures intended to keep everyone safe," said Kevin Dillon, executive director of the Connecticut Airport Authority.

The additional measures include:

  • Face Coverings – All passengers, visitors and employees are required to wear face coverings while at Bradley International Airport in accordance with CDC age and medical guidelines.
  • Additional Cleaning – The airport has increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitization efforts in all high-traffic and high-touchpoint areas.
  • Addition of Hand Sanitizer Stations – Hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout the terminal to make them readily accessible for passengers.
  • Introduction of “Physical Distancing” Signage – To remind everyone to keep a safe physical distance from other individuals, the airport has installed floor markings and other graphics throughout the terminal.
  • Plexiglass Shields – As a further precaution, plastic shields are being installed at high passenger interaction points throughout the terminal.
  • New Measures at our Restaurants & Shops – Sit-down restaurants are preparing to reopen gradually with modified seating and added cleaning protocols. Take-out options continue to be available with new physical distancing and protective measures in place.
  • New Overhead Announcements – A new message has been added to remind passengers to maintain a safe physical distance.
  • New Airline Procedures – Airlines have also been adjusting their operations. They are now requiring face coverings to be worn and they have also implemented added cleaning protocols at their ticket counters, gate areas and onboard the aircraft.
  • Updates to TSA Procedures – The TSA is allowing a liquid hand sanitizer container up to 12 ounces per passenger in carry-on bags until further notice. Passengers can expect that these containers will need to be screened separately. The TSA is also allowing passengers to wear face coverings during the screening process, however, passengers are advised that they may need to briefly remove the face covering for identification purposes.
  • Dedicated Digital Signage – Messaging on our digital monitors has been adjusted to feature safe traveling tips.

The Airport Authority is asking passengers to play a role in keeping everyone safe. They are encouraging people to:

  • Follow CDC guidelines for best practices to stay healthy when traveling.
  • Bring a face covering.
  • Contact their airline to confirm the status of their flight and any potential changes before coming to the airport.
  • When possible, use the mobile boarding pass option for their travels.
  • Consider bringing hand sanitizer while traveling.
  • Consider having family and friends wait in the cell phone parking lot and meet at the curb once ready to be picked up, instead of going inside the terminal.
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