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Bristol Hospital Eliminates Dozens of Positions Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Bristol Hospital emergency room
NBC Connecticut

A spokesperson for Bristol Hospital said they're eliminating over 30 positions due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bristol Health said 10 of those roles were presently filled, the majority of which were management. Because of environmental and financial pressures such as labor and supply cost inflation, the healthcare system decided to cut back.

"Health systems will be continually challenged, now and into the foreseeable future, to deliver quality services in the safest possible way more efficiently and effectively," President and Chief Executive Officer Kurt Barwis said.

The hospital's executive team also voluntarily took an eight percent reduction in their salaries, according to the hospital. A temporary change to the hospital's defined contribution retirement plan is impacting hospital employees, too.

With all of these changes combined, the hospital said they saved $3.9 million immediately.

Bristol Health is getting $5.5 million less in annual operating costs every year.

Hospital officials said these changes won't impact the safety or quality of services they provide.

"These decisions were extremely difficult and painful to make. They were made after careful consideration of alternatives and in the best interest of our hospital, its mission and the needs of the community that we serve," Barwis said in a statement.

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