CIAC Will No Longer Require Student-Athletes Wear Masks While Practicing or Competing

NBC 5 News

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) will no longer be requiring student-athletes to wear face masks while competing or practicing.

Starting Feb. 28, the CIAC will not require masks at any indoor or outdoor practices or competitions.

Student-athletes, coaches, officials, game workers and spectators are expected to follow mask requirements issued by the facilities in which events occur.

"The CIAC respects the decision of any individual who chooses to wear a mask in practice or competition," they said in a statement.

Student-athletes will still be required to wear masks while traveling to and from sport-related outings including competitions. This federal requirement has been extended through March 18.

"In districts where it is determined that continuing with mask requirements is in the school community's best interest, the CIAC requests that consideration be given for allowing athletes to compete indoors without masks while wearing masks in all non-competitive activities," officials said in updated guidance.

Non-competitive activities include sitting on the bench, being in the locker room, and more.

The CIAC noted that less than one percent of student-athlete COVID-19 cases stemmed from athletic practices and competitions.

Student-athletes will still be required to wear masks during practices and competitions up until the end of the month.

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