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Conn. National Guards Helps Assemble State's Largest Field Hospital

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As parts of Connecticut prepare for a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases, the state's National Guard is working to transform the Connecticut Convention Center into a COVID-19 recovery center.

On Saturday, members from the National Guard worked to assemble a quarter of the needed beds for the state's largest recovery center.

The mission is to put together at least 646 beds within the next couple of days. The goal of the first day was to put together at least a quarter of the needed beds.

Captain David Pytlik is a public affairs officer with the Connecticut National Guard.

"We hope we're not going to need the space," said Captain Pytlik. "The goal is to have it ready to go if it is needed."

The installation will take a couple of days before operations are turned over to Hartford Health Care.

"We are continuing to make improvements to make sure all safety requirements are in place and everything is ready to go," said Captian Pytlik.

The recovery center's mission is to help COVID-19 patients who are on the road to recovery, according to the National Guard.

"This is for patients that still have some symptoms and still require some medical care, things like IVs, things like oxygen," said Captain Pytlik. "This isn't for patients that are highly acute or they require ventilators.

Nearly 200 soldiers will work to put the final touches on the field hospital and say they're glad to provide some much-needed help.

"It feels great to know that these guys are doing something and they're making a difference," said Captain Pytlik. "We want to have the resources readily available.

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