Connecticut Currently at Coronavirus Hospitalizations Peak: Hartford HealthCare

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Connecticut is currently at the top of the peak or plateau for COVID-19 hospitalizations, according to the latest information from Hartford HealthCare.

"My understanding is we are at the peak at the moment," said Dr. Ajay Kumar, Hartford HealthCare's chief clinical officer.

The state is going to see hospitalizations continue to trend down, however, as more testing is rolled out, we will see an increase in active cases, Kumar said.

Hospitalizations have declined for four straight days, according to the daily data provided by the Department of Public Health.

The hospitalization rate is the most important metric because it shows the capacity of the hospital systems and whether they will be able to continue to treat patients.

"It's a long fight, it's a marathon," Kumar said.

Kumar said he is most worried about nursing and assisted living facilities.

There are currently 360 COVID-19 patients across the Hartford HealthCare system, including 162 at Hartford Hospital, according to Kumar.

These numbers are largely stable from the previous day, Kumar said.

More than 1300 patients have received treatment from Hartford HealthCare so far this year for the coronavirus.

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