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Connecticut Prepares for Rollout of Booster Shots

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Governor Ned Lamont said the state is getting ready to roll out booster shots to residents.

The FDA is set to meet today for a vote on whether to approve a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine. And if that happens, Lamont said the state has plans ready to go.

The governor said state officials plan to start offering boosters to people most in need, such as those in nursing homes who were one of the first to be vaccinated. He said the state will follow a similar rollout model to what they did nine months ago.

"These folks were vaccinated, in many cases eight months ago, they are the most vulnerable and they're in congregate settings," Lamont said.

The governor said the only thing slowing the plan down is federal guidance.

"I gotta follow the rules but I'd hurry up," Lamont said.

He is hopeful that booster shots will start being administered in the next 10 days.

"The supply is there. There's no shortage around the country. They know exactly when our folks got their first vaccine so they'll know when they get their next booster shot and we'll have the supply ready for them," Lamont said.

FDA advisers will debate today if there’s enough proof that a booster dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective.

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