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Connecticut's COVID-19 Test Positive Rate Exceeds 9%

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Connecticut's COVID-19 test positive rate exceed 9% on Thursday for the first time since widespread testing began earlier in the pandemic and only two days before Christmas.

Of the 37,853 tests administered since Wednesday, 3,416 came back positive leaving the state with a 9.02% rate.

In recent days, the positive rate has hovered just below 9%. The test positive rate on Wednesday was 8.93%.

Sixteen more people were hospitalized in the state since Wednesday increasing the total hospitalizations for COVID-19 to 837.

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Seventy-five more people lost their lives from COVID-19 in Connecticut. The total deaths in Connecticut from COVID-19 during the pandemic is now 9,077.

The state Department of Public Health plans to release its next set of of COVID-19 date on Dec. 27.

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