Coronavirus in Connecticut: Story of Our Lifetime

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, NBC Connecticut has been asking ‘What’s On Your Mind?’ People from all around the state have responded to that question.

We have received hundreds of calls from people throughout the state who have been concerned, worried, sick, recovering, mourning, confused, desperate, proud, grateful, surprised, supportive – and any other emotion possible.

The coronavirus crisis has changed many of the people of Connecticut.

Coronavirus in Connecticut: Story of our Lifetime is an NBC Connecticut Digital Exclusive that takes viewers turn by turn through the events that have unfolded since the outbreak began.

NBC Connecticut wants to know what's on your mind during the coronavirus crisis. We want to share your stories

Callers left powerful and insightful messages on a range of topics including how they and their families were feeling, how they felt about the state’s response to the crisis, the staggering unemployment levels, the devastating loss of life as well as the recovery and reopening.

Stylists, salon owners and customers have been reaching out to NBC Connecticut with your thoughts on hair salons being able to reopen on May 20

During that same time, our dedicated team of journalists has been reporting on this immense story every step of the way.

As many businesses reopen after making major changes, we wanted to know what's on your mind about the state's reopening

Thank you for sharing your stories to help write our story.

The state is entering phase one of its reopening tomorrow. So what are you thinking about that? Is it too soon or not soon enough?

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As hair salons and casinos begin reopening, we want to know What's On Your Mind
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