Connecticut College Students Get COVID Vaccine on Campus

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Community Health Center hosted a COVID-19 vaccine clinic on Connecticut College's campus Tuesday.

Students at Connecticut College in New London received dose one of Pfizer's COVID vaccine Tuesday without having to leave campus. Community Health Center partnered with the college to host a clinic serving 500 people.

“I am really glad that we had to opportunity to do this here," said Veronique Dhont, a junior at the college. "It was an easy decision once I heard they would have the clinic on campus."

CHC will host another clinic on campus for dose two.

Conn College's clinic comes at the same that the state is urging more younger people to get the shot. As of Monday, about 22% of people ages 16-24 in the state have received one dose of a COVID vaccine.

“Days like today will help to increase that percentage in this age group because we are able to do so many students in this age group all at once," said Victor Arcelus, dean of students at Connecticut College.

Jill Oestrbicher, a freshman, got the shot Tuesday. She said most of her friends were also getting vaccinated.

"I think that the more people vaccinated, the better for herd immunity," said Oestrbicher.

According to Arcelus, 2% of the student body has indicated that they are not interested in getting the vaccine. Everyone else, 98% of the student body, is planning to get vaccinated or still deciding.

Connecticut College has not decided if they are going to require vaccinations for the fall semester.

"Given the high number of students that are interested in being vaccinated we are encouraged by that, but we haven't made a decision yet as to whether or not we are going to be requiring it in the fall," said Arcelus.

The students at the vaccine clinic said they hope vaccinations will help campus return to a more traditional college experience.

“Just normal activities. That’s what I am looking forward to," said Dhont.

Hartford HealthCare has also worked with Connecticut College to vaccinate faculty and staff members.

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