Kids Roll Up Their Sleeves at COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic at Connecticut Science Center

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Saturday was a big day for kids ages 5-11 as they had the opportunity to roll up their sleeves to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but it wasn’t just any normal clinic.

"We couldn’t be in a better place. I mean this place is fabulous for all children," said Karen Pagliaro, a nurse.

The place she's talking about the Connecticut Science Center. The Connecticut Science Center partnered with Hartford Healthcare to host nearly 30 children getting their vaccine.

After the kids got their shot, they also got a special treat.

"They’re able to get two free tickets to the science center so it’s really really cool," Pagliaro said. 

Along the way, we met 11-year-old Jovani Miller and 9-year-old Landon Barris both waiting in line for their second dose.

"I’m feeling good about this because my last one didn’t hurt," said Miller.

"Feeling a little nervous but I gotta do it," Barris added.

For the Barris family, the day became a family affair.

"The whole family is here so we got two in there, my wife is in there and we’re gonna get his shot done. And we’ll be in soon after so we’re looking forward to it," John Barris said.

With mask mandates beginning to be lifted, parents say they found it important to make sure their kids were fully protected. For the kids, they just loved coming to the science center.

"I really like all the dinosaur paintings on the windows and I like all the signs in here," Miller said.

"I’m excited to do all the stuff and everything and have a bunch of fun," Landon Barris added.

Another vaccine clinic will be held at the Connecticut Science Center on March 12 for kids ages 5 to 11 who are looking for their second dose.

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