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Mass Vaccination Clinics Open in New Haven

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Yale New Haven Health is preparing to open three mass COVID-19 vaccination sites along the shoreline, all by appointment only.

On Friday it opened:

  • Yale West Campus, 100 West Campus Drive, Bldg. 410, Orange
  • The Lanman Center at Yale University, 74 Ashman St., Lot 78, New Haven

Both of those centers have 40 stations to vaccinate a total of 2,800 people per day.

On Monday, Yale New Haven Health is also opening up the Flody Little Athletic Center on Sherman Parkway in New Haven as a mass vaccination site. There will be 22 stations to vaccinate 1,400 people per day.

Appointments are required and those people 75 and older will be able to enter on Sherman Parkway, register in the lobby and get vaccinated right at one of the stations in the long hallway.

“We have a lot of clinics going on at this juncture across the city and this will be just another expanded site. It’s really close to the bus line, it’s central to the city and we’re really excited,” said Maritza Bond, the director of health for the city of New Haven.

There is a lot to consider when scouting locations, according to Mark Sevilla, the vice president of behavioral health and emergency services at YNHH.

“Flu vaccines have been a lot easier because you don’t have to worry about the distancing. So one of the first things is the social distancing and having the space to be able to keep everyone apart,” Sevilla said.

Health leaders also said they look for locations where they can store the vaccine in a locked refrigerated space and they need space to put additional supplies.

Another thing to consider is volunteers. YNHH is recruiting nurses, nursing students, paramedics and veterinarians. They need 35 to 40 people to volunteer a day, seven days a week.

“We literally have people jumping out of the woodwork to volunteer and see what they can do to support the effort. So that part of it has been great. It’s also helpful because this is a massive effort,” said Sevilla.

Appointments can be made online or by calling the state’s vaccine hotline at 211 or 1-877-918-2224.

“As we go through each of the phases, it’s really giving us hope that the more we vaccinate we can get to herd immunity and it’s going to be so critical and vital,” said Bond.

YNHH previously opened six locations on Thursday.

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