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Questions Remain: Governor Still Evaluating Who Will Get the COVID-19 Vaccine Next

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Starting Thursday, Connecticut residents 65 and older are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. So, the obvious question is who is next in line?

When asked which group would be eligible for the vaccine next during Phase 1b, Gov. Ned Lamont said no decision has been made.

"Give us a couple of weeks," Lamont said.

The governor said he is still getting guidance from the CDC and White House's coronavirus task force about the best way to do it.

On the state's official coronavirus vaccine website, it says frontline essential workers and individuals with underlying medical conditions with increased risk for severe illnesses will be eligible in "likely March."

But so far, the state has not provided clarity on who counts as a frontline essential workers or what medical conditions will allow someone to get vaccinated.

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