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Vaccine Served With Whipped Cream And A Cherry On Top At Naugatuck Clinic

Griffin Health created a party like atmosphere during "Shot In The Dark" clinic.

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While more than half of Connecticut’s adult population has been vaccinated, there’s a whole group of adolescents now looking for shots. To entice 12 to 15-year-olds, Griffin Health put together a clinic Saturday, with a very sweet incentive.

Those showing up for vaccinations at a clinic in Naugatuck, also got some free ice cream.

“I got chocolate ice cream with whipped cream, sprinkles, and M&Ms,” said James Millar, of Naugatuck.

Millar also got the Covid-19 vaccine. He was among the many people at Griffin Health’s ‘Shot in the Dark.’  A vaccine clinic, slash party, aimed at adolescents.

“What better way than to have glow-in-the-dark frisbees, ice cream, and everything to take a little bit of the pressure off and have a fun event,” said Griffin Hospital communications specialist, Chris Meagher.

It wasn’t just sweet treats and music providing incentive though, for some the science was enough.

“It’s nice to get rewarded with ice cream, popcorn, or whatever they have but it’s a no-brainer to come,” said Paul Schatz, of Woodbridge.

Schatz was there with his 13-year-old son, Dylan, who, even without ice cream, was convinced.

“The CDC said you don’t have to wear a mask inside buildings when you’re fully vaccinated so I’m looking forward to it,” Dylan said.

Adults were taking advantage too. Diane Rodgers was getting vaccinated to provide confidence for her upcoming Florida trip. She was accompanied by her granddaughter, Makayla, who is getting vaccinated next week at a school clinic.

“Kids my age do you need the vaccine so that they are also staying safe. So, that they can protect their family,” Rogers said.

Griffin Health was hoping to give 300 shots at the event. They offered both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

Inside the Ice Cream Emergency truck, the options were much more diverse and provided the incentive some young people wanted.

“It made me come and I hate all shots. So, it was worth it,” said 14-year-old Ben Pavlock.

In addition to adolescents, Griffin Health estimates there is still 15 to 20 percent of the adult population that needs, as they say, a little “cajoling.” To do that, they are happy to put together more events with incentives, like Saturday’s ‘Shot in the Dark.’

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