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Vernon Senior Center Opens Temporary COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

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As the state works to get eligible patients vaccinated, different towns like Vernon are stepping up to make the process easier for those eligible to receive their COVID-19 shots.

The race to administer the COVID-19 vaccine was on inside the Vernon Senior Center on Saturday morning.

Raymond Kuciska said time was of the essence after not knowing when he or his wife would receive their shots.

"I've had medical problems and I'm glad me and my wife are able to get the shot," said Kuciska. "It was a miracle when she said that we can get it so quickly because I was getting worried."

Joy Pierce and her husband also were able to take advantage of the temporary vaccination clinic and said they were shocked by the simple process.

"I was surprised, you know, they called and we called them and they called us back yesterday," said Joy Pierce. "We were able to fill out our paperwork and when we showed up today, the medical staff really helped to make it simple for us."

The town had a goal of getting 200 shots into those who are considered eligible and vulnerable.

"It's all hands on deck and we have volunteers from the community, doctors, nurses, dentists that have thankfully stepped up to be part of this historic effort," said Michael Purcaro, the emergency management director for the town. "We're also pushing the community to reach the most vulnerable populations of 75 and older that we may have transportation or mobility issues," he said.

While the effort to get more shots into arms ramps up, those who did receive their shot are encouraging the public to be ready when it is their turn.

"People have to understand they have to do this, you know they have to get their shot and get it both over with and done with," said Joy Pierce.

The town has a future goal of administering at least 1500 doses per week by next week.

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