Residents Stock Up in Cromwell Area Amid Coronavirus Concerns

It's a similar scene at many stores across the state -- shoppers stocking up on essentials amidst the global coronavirus pandemic.

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“A lot of canned goods. Bread. Eggs. Stuff like that, and there’s hardly any. ... There’s no water," said Erika Balaguer, a New Britain resident.

She got to Walmart in Cromwell bright and early Friday in hopes that the box store would be re-stocked with essentials needed in case of a self quarantine.

“I’m starting to get concerned now because everywhere you go there’s nothing," she said.

It’s a sentiment we’re hearing on social media from many shoppers around the state and country,

Check out this tissue aisle at a grocery store in Newington Friday:

Many shoppers are parents who will now have their kids home indefinitely because of school cancellations.

The idea of a break from school is bringing smiles to some students’ faces.

"I was happy because it was like we were doing a lot of tests in school, but we finally got a break," said Cromwell elementary school student Gavin Kusmider.

But even the kids realize it’s going to put stress on their parents.

“Oh that’s going to be bad for them," he said.

Cromwell public school district officials say they will reassess the situation before March 27 should they need to cancel for an even longer period of time.

Stan Kusmider, a dad, says he understands the public health precaution, but it’ll take a toll on a lot of families.

“Me and my wife both operate separate family businesses, so this will put a hardship on us because we don’t have as much help as we’d like to have to take care of the kids,” he said.

Plus, he has concerns about protecting his employees too, a similar sentiment for other business owners and locals who attended a coronavirus panel down the street hosted by Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce, featuring four experts in the health field.

“In my opinion, and the opinion of many others, we are still at the beginning.” (but) “As testing becomes more available I wouldn’t be surprised to see our cases of positive spike," said Jonathan Bankoff, Chairman of Dept. of Emergency Medicine.

With many unknowns and school cancellations underway, even a quick stop at a store is making community members we spoke to anxious.

"Just keeping hands clean and making sure people are not coughing around me and stuff like that," Balaguer said.

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