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Duke Students on COVID Lockdown for a Week Over ‘Rapidly Escalating' Outbreak

Duke University leaders instituted a 'stay-in-place' order because of coronavirus spread connected to 'recruitment parties for selective living groups'

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Administrators at Duke University ordered all undergraduate students to stay in place for one week to contain a growing coronavirus outbreak connected to "recruitment parties for selective living groups," according to an all-campus communication, NBC News reports.

"Over the past week more than 180 students are in isolation for a positive COVID 19 test, and an additional 200 students are in quarantine as a result of contact tracing," wrote administrators of the school in Durham, North Carolina. "This is by far the largest one-week number of positive tests and quarantines since the start of the pandemic."

The stay-in-place order, issued Saturday, is in effect until the morning of Sunday, March 21. Duke withdrew its men's basketball team from the Atlantic Coast Conference basketball tournament last week because of a positive COVID-19 test.

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