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Ellington Board of Ed Addresses DPH Commissioner About Student Masking Concerns

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The Board of Education in Ellington wrote a letter to Connecticut Department of Public Health Commissioner Manitha Juthani addressing concerns about inconsistencies in masking policies among students.

In the letter, school officials said the state's policy has the potential to publicly stigmatize students based on their medical status - vaccinated or unvaccinated.

"The Ellington Public Schools has been a leader in efforts combating the pandemic. Our concern about the holistic health of our children continues to be the driving force in our decision making during these trying times," the letter reads.

School officials emphasized that recent Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) guidance indicated different policies for vaccinated and unvaccinated student-athletes.

"Already the Board must choose if it will implement a policy that distinguishes between student-athletes whose families have made different medical decisions, allowing vaccinated athletes to decided not to wear a mask when playing in basketball, ice hockey and indoor track events, whereas unvaccinated athletes will be required to wear a mask," officials said in the letter.

The school district said they recognize the effectiveness of the vaccine and strongly encourage Ellington families to get their children vaccinated. But officials feel that only making those who are unvaccinated wear masks "presents such students as potential targets for discrimination and harassment within the school setting."

"We are concerned such a visible distinction could deepen divides within the community and spill over into our schools," the letter continues.

The Board of Education noted that a family's decision to vaccinate their children is based on socio-economic status, race, and religious convictions.

"The Board does not wish to see an unintentional distinction between students based on protected demographics," the letter reads.

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