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Connecticut's Daily Test Positive Rate Near 7% as More Than 100 Additional Hospitalizations Reported Since Friday

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The state's seven-day COVID-19 test positive rate is at 7.2% on Monday as the governor urges residents to get vaccinated against the disease.

Speaking of the average test positive rate, Gov. Ned Lamont said, "that number has gone up quite a bit."

Of the 90,689 tests performed since Friday, 6,209 came back positive for a daily test positive rate of 6.85%.

On Friday, the state’s COVID-19 positivity rate was 6.75%.

The governor said the state is trying to expand testing capacity with 400 sites currently available.

"Give us a couple of weeks," Lamont said about the growing testing capacity in the state.

An additional 101 people are hospitalized with COVID-19 in the state since Friday, leading to 837 total hospitalizations.

Governor Lamont said in his mind, he considers "fully vaccinated" to mean having received three doses or two doses and a booster of the COVID-19 vaccine, however he said he has no plans to formalize that thinking.

Lamont said he is concerned about not having enough health care or state workers on the job if people are concerned about receiving a third shot and he makes it mandatory.

The governor’s news conference, five days before Christmas, comes as the state plans to roll out what his office calls “digital health cards,” something similar to New York’s vaccine passport, the Excelsior Pass.   

For several months, Connecticut has been considering launching a vaccine passport similar to New York’s Excelsior Pass. Now, that is expected to become a reality this week.

He has stressed it will be voluntary for businesses and people.

Some Republican lawmakers have raised privacy concerns.

“When we get programs that are rolled out with very vague, unspecific information, when documents are not produced when people ask for them, that feeds the narrative and it leaves people to speculate the good and the bad,” House Minority Leader Vincent Candelora said.

And there was a protest over the weekend about the plan.

Lamont spokesman Max Reiss said the program is voluntary for businesses and individuals.

“The governor’s providing only an option for people to carry their digital health record with them,” Reiss said.

“Gov. Lamont has been unbelievably clear, there is no plan for a new set of mandates. Period. Stop,” Reiss said.

Talking to reporters Thursday, Lamont said there’s no way the state would allow personal health information to be sold.

The governor’s news conference also comes a day before President Joe Biden plans to speak on the status of the nation’s fight against COVID-19 and discuss government help for communities in need of assistance, White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted.

She also said he will be “issuing a stark warning of what the winter will look like for Americans who that choose to remain unvaccinated.”

Lamont announced on Dec. 4 that the state had its first case of the omicron variant.  

His office releases cumulative data on COVID-19 and variants and said that as of Thursday, Connecticut has had 13,140 cases of delta and 40 of omicron.

Lamont will hold a news briefing at 4 p.m. by videoconference.

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