Hamden Board of Ed. to Vote on Moving to All Remote Learning During Holiday Season

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One Connecticut school district is considering moving to a full remote learning schedule later this month and into next year as cases of coronavirus continue to climb.

As the holiday season approaches and families gather together, there's a concern that more people may get COVID-19. Hamden's superintendent said the switch would help slow the spread of COVID-19 during those times.

During these next few months, seasonal illness often mirror COVID-19 symptoms, which will force students and staff to stay home or possibly quarantine.

With flu season quickly approaching, many people are worried about both COVID-19 and the flu. Dr. Navya Mysore says it is possible to get the respiratory viruses simultaneously and stresses the importance of social distancing, wearing a mask and washing your hands properly.

If too many staff members are out, they can't open their buildings, which has already happened several times.

“I get why, the staffing is an issue, the safety is an issue, but it’s going to basically mean he’s going to have to move in with his grandparents for a couple nights a week because they can watch him and they don’t live close enough for me to easily drive there and back every day,” said Betsy Kearney D’Amico, who has a son in the third grade.

The district said there has been a number of students and staff who have contracted coronavirus, but all of the cases were contracted outside of the school.

Hamden schools will open on Tuesday, a delay from their original date after teachers raised concerns that needed to be addressed.

For all of those reasons, the Hamden Board of Education is considering going to full remote learning from November 23 through January 19. It would allow families to quarantine after the holidays.

“It throws a wrench in the plans because I work full time," said Kearney D’Amico. “A two week arrangement, sure I can make that work. But I’m talking two months.”

The board is expected to vote on this at tonight's Zoom meeting. It starts at 7 p.m.

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