Covid-19 Vaccine

Hartford Hospital Distributes First Round Of COVID-19 Vaccinations

"This is the dawn of a new day," sad Jeffrey Flaks, resident and CEO of Hartford of HealthCare.

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Today 15 members of the Hartford Healthcare team were among the first in the state of Connecticut to receive a vaccine in the fight against COVID-19.

State elected officials and health professionals gathered to mark the occasion.

"This is the dawn of a new day," said Jeffrey Flaks , president and CEO of Hartford of HealthCare.

The 15 staffers that received the vaccine range from physicians and nurses working in critical care units to those who work in food services.

"We are going to be able to provide 1,950 dosages to those people," said Dr. Keith Grant of Hartford HealthCare. The common thread between all of the participants is that this day brings a renewed sense of hope.

Dr. Melisha Cumberland is director of medicine for Windham Hospital and she recognizes the historic nature of the day.

"We will forever be able to say we have participated in change, we have been a part of the first line that has been the leadership, the first set of people to get the vaccine for Hartford HealthCare and I couldn’t be more proud."

Dr. Patrick Troy, a pulmonologist with Hartford HealthCare equates the distribution of the vaccine with a cultural milestone.

"I think it is nothing short of the equivalent of putting an human being on the moon it’s that momentous," said Troy. He went to share his excitement saying, "Just incredibly excited and enthusiastic to roll up my sleeve and get this vaccine in me."

Governor Ned Lamont was in attendance and although hopeful that the vaccine is a step in the right direction he warned the general public to double down on taking safety precautions such as washing your hands, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

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