Coronavirus Cases in Hartford Double in Last Week; Mayor Urges Use of Masks in Public

Hartford's coronavirus cases have doubled from the prior week and are on pace to continue that rate, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said Thursday.

Hartford residents are urged to wear cloth or fabric face coverings when in public and unable to socially distance, Bronin said.

The city now has 532 positive coronavirus cases, according to the mayor.

"This is exactly double where we were a week ago," Bronin said.

There have also been 32 coronavirus-related deaths in Hartford.

"Our hearts and prayers are with every family who is lost a loved one and every family who is affected by this virus," Bronin said.

There are currently 192 hospitalizations for COVID-19 in the city.

"We are still seeing a rapid increase in the number of cases," Bronin said.

The mayor said there is still not enough testing happening and he believes the number of positive cases is much higher than the official reported number.

"We still really don't know the true number of positive coronavirus cases out there," he said. Bronin said

The positive test results in Hartford are around 40 percent of those who are tested.

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