Ice Rinks Close in Northford Amid Spike in COVID-19 Cases

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The Northford Ice Pavilion in Northford temporarily closed this week after a spike of more than 20 COVID-19 cases linked to ice hockey, according to Barbara NaClerio with the East Shore District Health Department.

“We called the Northford Ice Pavilion because that is the ice rink that the people around here use and they were so good at saying, 'you know what, let’s shut down for a week, let’s see if that helps stem some of this and we’re going to revisit it at the end of the week.' I give them all the credit in the world because we’re all trying to just be safe,” said NaClerio.

Youth leagues, high school and college ice hockey players all play at Northford Ice Pavilion and there are three rinks inside, according to NaClerio. She went on to say that the pavilion will close through Friday and the health department plans to meet with the pavilion management on Thursday to re-evaluate the situation.

Governor Ned Lamont said Monday that despite some COVID-19 increases in the region connected to hockey, he does not think any additional restrictions are needed right now.

According to the ice pavilion’s COVID-19 guidelines, only one family member is allowed per player and spectators, coaches, staff and officials are required to wear masks.  Players are not required to wear masks.

Other health districts across the state are also seeing increases when it relates to ice hockey, according to NaClerio.

At a press conference on Monday, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont discussed hockey and COVID-19 and said no additional restrictions are needed right now.

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