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Long Lines for COVID-19 Testing in Connecticut Persist

Traffic from a COVID testing line in Groton spilled into the street Tuesday, as the state sees the demand for testing skyrocket.

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With a surge in cases and the holidays just days away, the demand for COVID-19 testing is skyrocketing. Long lines have been spotted across the state, as people wait to get a test.

Traffic from a COVID testing line in Groton spilled into the street Tuesday.

"I want to make sure I am safe," said Margie Gookins, as she waited to get tested in Groton.

Gookins said someone in her family had tested positive for the virus. After not being able to find an at-home COVID test, she decided to get a test in person before the holidays.

"Otherwise I would not see my family," said Gookins.

People, both symptomatic and asymptomatic, also waited in a long line in Meriden Tuesday morning.

 "It's important that we are all vigilant and, around the holidays, making sure that we are not spreading it to the rest of our families," said Michael Kulungian, who said he decided to get tested because he was not feeling well.

In response to the increased demand, Governor Ned Lamont is rolling out a plan to boost testing capacity with some 400 sites in the state. State-sponsored locations are expanding hours and seven new spots are being added.

Additionally, the requirement for tens of thousands of unvaccinated workers to get tested is on pause for two weeks.

"Just to give a little more flexibility for them and make sure we have a little extra capacity to provide for testing going forward," said Lamont.

To find a COVID testing site near you, call 211 or visit this website.

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