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Mask Mandates End at Some Conn. Colleges and Universities

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With the mask mandates at several CSCU institutions coming to an end, students are weighing in and some are on different sides of the aisle.

"I think it’s kind of about time because before it was kind of a stressful thing to have on a mask and always put it on and wear it, but now I think it’s a big relief we kind of don’t have to wear it anymore" says CCSU freshman Kyle Rocker.

CCSU junior Kamron Ghoreshi feels differently. "Personally, I don’t mind. I’m a pro mask person. I still think people should be wearing their mask, it helps decrease the curve and I don’t want to go back to online school. Personally, I just can’t do it again," said Ghoreshi.

This also brings on the removal of physical distancing restrictions in areas such as lounges, cafeterias, conference rooms, and other non-academic settings.

School officials said it will also be the end weekly testing of employees and students and individual case contact tracing. 

Over at the University of Connecticut, a similar scene is playing out.

As of Monday, masks are no longer required in classrooms and other instructional settings.

"I think when there’s over 1,000 students at Gample Stadium, screaming and yelling and they don’t have to wear their mask, to wear it in class seems a little silly," said Carolyn Cumello. 

UConn freshman Mikhailia Howard thinks about it differently. "The only downside to me is like the big lectures the 300 lectures I’m not really cool with it, but I’m fine with everything else," said Howard.

However, the school says masks are still required on public transportation including buses until at least April 18, as well as in healthcare settings.

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