Medical Leaders Discuss ‘Flurona' Co-Infections

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'Flurona' is a new term being tossed around to describe an instance when a patient tests positive for both COVID19 and the flu but health experts announced that the concept is nothing new to them.

The biggest piece of advice from medical leaders is to avoid panicking due to the tools they have in the arsenal to help with the flu and the coronavirus.

"Sometimes these new words, tend to bring more anxiety than necessary," said Dr. Syed Hussain, chief clinical officer at Trinity Health of New England. "It's just the unfortunate event that the individual has tested positive for both viruses."

According to the state's department of public health, there are 871 cases as of December 2021 that's in comparison to the 181 total cases in 2020.

"It's not a comforting thought to be able to catch both at the same time," said Milly Stewart of Newington. "We're washing our hands a lot, using a lot of hand sanitizer and definitely masking up."

The first co-infection of 'Flurona' in the U.S. was in California, Meantime those inside of the state tell NBC Connecticut that after hearing what could happen they are doing what they need to do to protect themselves and loved ones.

"I think it's important to wear your mask, try to stay safe," said Jazlyn Garcia who lives in Hartford. "I think it's very important people get vaccinated and keep their distance," said Alexander Soler, who also lives in Hartford.

Health experts tell NBC Connecticut to keep infections at bay, you want to continue adhering to the public health measures and get your COVID19 vaccine, booster shot and flu shot.

"Masking is tried and true and you have to look at how much better our cases were last year," said Dr. Ulysses Wu, Chief Epidemiologist at Hartford Healthcare. "What's different this year is that there's a little bit more fatigue related to practicing those same measures and hence we've seen an uptick," said Dr. Hussain.

Medical leaders tell NBC Connecticut you can get your COVID19 vaccine and booster shot at the same time you get your flu shot.

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