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More COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Options Available

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Amid worries about increasing COVID-19 case numbers, more vaccine clinics are opening across the state.

Connecticut is among those states with cases ticking up recently.

That prompted an alert this weekend from the Department of Public Health warning people to remain vigilant as several communities switched to red alert status.

The state is also urging people to get vaccinated.

“I have a lot of children that come into my home, parents that come into my home and so it was important for me to be vaccinated,” said Kellie Brown of East Hartford.

Brown took advantage of an after-hours vaccine clinic in East Hartford on Saturday, specifically for childcare providers.

“It was really important for a lot of providers to be able to get the shot but also the convenience of not having to take off because we work for ourselves. I’m not in a center. So I don’t have any help. So it’s really important for me to do this,” said Brown.

The state Dept. of Public Health is urging Connecticut residents to remain vigilant by wearing masks and social distancing as the coronavirus pandemic and vaccine rollout continue.

On Monday, East Hartford will hold another childcare provider clinic.

It will take place at the Community Cultural Center from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

“In order for us to get to a sense of feeling normal about this, the more people we have immunized against COVID-19, the faster we could see that level of protection in our community for protecting each other and get back to a low occurrence of COVID-19,” said Laurence Burnsed, East Hartford Director of Health & Social Services.

As the push continues to get more of the state vaccinated, UConn Health is opening a clinic on the UConn Storrs campus on Monday.

That will help bring more access to the vaccine to the eastern part of the state.

And it comes just days before anyone age 16 and up can register for a vaccine starting on Thursday.

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