New Britain Moving Company Delivering Medical Supplies During Coronavirus Crisis

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For nearly two weeks, Siracusa Moving & Storage has been working with the State of Connecticut and FEMA on a plan to distribute essential medical necessities throughout the area.

The company is receiving items purchased by the state. Supplies are dropped off at Siracusa, in New Britain, and are then sorted and prepared for shipment around the state.

Hospitals and other medical facilities in Connecticut will be the recipients of the supplies coming in to Siracusa.

The company is doing everything it can to get the items in and processed so they can ship them out as soon as possible.

"The process and game plan is not to store much, but to get it in and ship it out immediately," said Derrick Butler, vice president of commercial services at Siracusa. "You're probably looking at one of the largest, logistical demands since the build-up of D-Day."

Butler said the organization is glad to help out nurses and doctors who are hard at work to treat patients.

"We're proud to be able to help and support people of Connecticut," said Butler. "We are really trying to get the medical equipment to the first responders and those who are on the front lines every day."

Beginning Wednesday, the company will move to a 24-hour operation.

The company is looking for extra workers who may have been laid off during the COVID-19 national health emergency. To apply you can click here.

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