New Canaan Public Schools Have 2-Hour Delay to Prepare for Coronavirus

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New Canaan Public Schools have a two hour delay on Monday so teachers and school staff can make preparations for coronavirus.

School officials said they are having a two hour delay so they can prepare student materials for distribution in case the schools need to close due to coronavirus in the future.

"Last week, we took the necessary steps to ensure all teachers could provide continuity of education for every student in the event of a long-duration closure. Our next step in these preparations is to organize and distribute materials for students to bring home in the event of a long-duration closure and to test our communications systems between classroom and student/parent," said New Canaan Public Schools Superintendent of Schools Bryan Luizzi.

During the two hours, teachers and staff are expected to work together to prepare materials for students to take home at the end of the day.

For elementary school students, officials said the materials will likely include things like books, math manipulatives and Fundation boards. Material for students in middle school and high school will be teacher specific.

According to school officials, the two hour delay on Monday is to help prepare should a closure be necessary in the future. At this time, there is no closure planned.

Crews spent the weekend cleaning schools and ensured all water fountains are turned off. School officials said they also asked the bus company to thoroughly clean the buses before students get on on Monday.

All out-of-state field trips have also been suspended, school officials added.

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