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New Haven Officials to Visit Downtown Businesses for Mask Mandate Compliance

Face mask sign in New Haven
NBC Connecticut

Face masks have been required inside all buildings in New Haven that are used by the public for nearly a month and city officials will be visiting downtown businesses Tuesday to ensure that they are complying with the mask mandate.

The indoor face mask mandate was issued in early August amid a high level of community transmission of COVID-19 and businesses that do not adhere to the mandate can be fined.

City officials said earlier this month that they were implementing a three-tier system.

  • The first tier is a verbal warning.
  • The second tier is a written warning.
  • The third tier is closing down the business.

Officials said for every incident after a written warning, a business will be fined $100.

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker and Health Director Maritza Bond will be conducting a downtown business canvass this afternoon with staff from the fire marshal and building department.

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