New Haven School to Close For Rest of the Week Due to Suspected Coronavirus Case

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New Haven is closing the Nathan Hale School on Thursday and Friday after it was learned an adult suspected of having coronavirus having contact with the school and a student.

Mayor Justin Elicker made the announcement Wednesday afternoon.

City officials said that person traveled to New York and four to five days later began showing symptoms consistent with the coronavirus. That person had been at Nathan Hale during pick up and drop off, as well as some after school activities.

That person has not been tested for the coronavirus, but has tested negative for the flu.

"Because the adult has had limited contact with Nathan Hale School and the student under their care has been attending the school we’ve decided in collaboration with superintendent of schools to close Nathan Hale down for two days to clean the school," Elicker said.

The New Haven Health Department is in contact with the family and has asked them to self-isolate. So far, only one member of the family is showing symptoms.

City officials said that cleaning of the school will begin Friday. Once the cleaning is completed, they'll lock the building and no one can go in or out through Sunday.

"Deep cleaning, whatever disinfecting needs to be done, cleaning down everything possible within their control they can clean down to make sure that we can declare the area somewhat sanitized," said Dr. Ilene Tracy, superintendent of New Haven Public Schools.

The city has opened its Emergency Operations Center to monitor the situation.

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