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New Haven Schools Say 34 People Have Covid-19, Over 200 in Quarantine

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New Haven school officials said there are 34 people, including students and staff, with Covid-19, and an additional 236 are quarantining.

Officials said there was a classroom outbreak at Barnard Environmental Science and Technology School that impacted a combined team of 97 students. These students were in seventh and eighth grade.

Of this number, six people tested positive for coronavirus and the other 91 were asked to quarantine, according to school officials.

The school district said the large number is people in quarantine is because of contact tracing.

Below is a breakdown of the remaining cases:

  • 2 confirmed cases at Mauro Sheridan Science, Technology and Communications School, 1 additional quarantining
  • 8 cases at Ross Woodward Classical Studies School, 33 quarantining
  • 2 cases at Dr. Reginald Mayo Early Learning Center, 21 quarantining
  • 3 cases at Clemente Leadership Academy, 7 quarantining
  • 5 cases at Wexler/Grant Community School, 49 quarantining
  • 2 cases at East Rock Community Magnet School, 19 quarantining
  • 2 cases at Celentano BioTech, Health and Medical Magnet School, 7 quarantining
  • 2 cases at Conte West Hills Magnet School, 2 quarantining
  • 1 case at Worthington Hooker School, 2 quarantining
  • 1 case at Davis Academy for Arts and Design Innovation, 4 quarantining

A spokesperson with the school district said they're following Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance and state mandates.

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