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New London's Ocean Beach Park Prepares for Summer

The manager of Ocean Beach said they are hoping to move toward a full reopening, including the swimming pool and mini golf.

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The team at Ocean Beach Park in New London is preparing for the season, moving forward with plans to fully reopen after last summer's limited capacity and reduced operations.

"We are moving toward opening and hope for full capacity but are ready to cut anything back if necessary," said David Sugrue, who manages the park.

He said they have started the process of pumping out the swimming pool, which has been sitting for 19 months. They are also doing some major work on the mini golf course, readying the spray park and planning a full schedule of entertainment including live bands on weekends.

Action Amusements, which is operated out of Ocean Beach, is also getting ready for summer.

Jeff Mullen has owned the amusement company for 25 years. He operates vintage rides, including a water slide and ferris wheel, along with an arcade.

Last summer, Mullen had to cut back operations. He only ran six of his 16 rides. The arcade, which is usually open year-round, has been empty for more than a year.

Mullen said he and his team spent the winter working hard. They repainted all of the horses from the carousel and even dedicated each one to a different person or organization in town.

"We never stopped. It took us two and a half months to paint 38 horses," said Mullen. "We did one for the essential workers, the nurses and doctors. Just good things."

The horses will be ready to go for Memorial Day Weekend. This summer, Mullen said he is going to have all of his 16 rides out. They are also getting ready to re-open the arcade, with safety protocols in place.

Mullen said he does the job for the fun. He hopes anyone who comes to the park this summer leaves feeling happy.

"I just hope they are happy," said Mullen. "Because a lot of people struggled."

Ocean Beach is hiring. There will be a job fair at the park Saturday, April 24 from 2 to 5 p.m. More information can be found here.

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