Coronavirus Outbreak

Norwalk Schools to Switch to Remote Learning for Two Weeks

Norwalk High School

Norwalk public schools are switching to full remote learning for roughly two weeks starting Dec. 17, according to school officials.

The school district said they believe switching to remote learning is the best way to provide consistency to families and staff.

School and office staff will also work remotely to ensure that classes and operations continue without interruption, school officials said.

"We understand that this has been a stressful and uncertain time in Norwalk and our country. We know that it has been difficult for families to manage the COVID transitions since Thanksgiving between in-person and remote learning and that the potential of weather-related closures will add to the challenges. We hope that this decision will help provide some predictability for all as we enter the holidays," school officials said in a statement.

Schools will return to in-person and hybrid learning on Monday, Jan 4.

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