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Dozens of ‘Test to Treat' COVID-19 Sites Open in Connecticut

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The state Department of Public Health announced more than 40 so-called “Test to Treat” sites are now open in Connecticut.

People can get tested and if positive, pick up a prescription.

The idea is this earlier treatment can improve a patient’s recovery and ease the stress on hospitals.

“I think this new initiative through the DPH is really important and can be really impactful,” said Dr. David Banach, UConn Health hospital epidemiologist.

This is part of a national effort where people can head to a location and get tested for COVID-19. If they're positive and have mild to moderate symptoms, that same health care facility can also fill a free prescription for the person.

“In order for COVID-19 treatments to work, they must be started early, within five days of when your symptoms start. The 'Test to Treat' initiative provides eligible patients faster, easier access to potentially life-saving treatments," said Department of Public Health Commissioner Manisha Juthani.

The spots include select pharmacies, urgent care centers and federally qualified health centers.

'Test to Treat' is especially important for certain groups.

“These medications are really for people who have symptomatic COVID, so a positive test plus symptoms who have a risk factor for progressing to severe illness and there's many risk factors including age related risk factors, any medical comorbidities,” said Banach.

People can be tested and treated by their own health care provider, who can also prescribe antiviral pills.

We’re told some medications still have interactions so make sure you provide your medical history to whoever is prescribing.

To find a 'Test to Treat' location near you, click here.

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